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7 Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy and Happy Interracial Relationship

posted 19 Feb 2013, 11:08 by Mpelembe   [ updated 19 Feb 2013, 11:10 ]
Relationships are hard - each and every one of them, everywhere,
and with everybody. Inter-racial relationships are even harder.
This is mainly because of the values and cultural differences as
well as stereotypes. However, that does not mean that these
relationships never work. In fact, many people have made their
inter-racial relationships work, and have maintained long-term,
happy relationships.

Often, we find ourselves not knowing what to do when it comes to
relationships. In these instances, we need a good sign or road
map to help us on our way better. If you are indeed feeling lost,
and you are engaged in an inter-racial relationship, then you
might find the following information helpful. These are a few
tips on how to maintain a healthy inter-racial relationship.

1. Remember the basics.

Remember that you want the relationship, and that you want it to
work. Sometimes problems and obstacles can cause the person to
forget why he or she is in the relationship. Re-affirming to
yourself that this is the person you want to be with allows you
to remember the many reasons why you are in the relationship with
the person.

2. Accept your differences in religion.

More often than not, religion between two races is different.
When people of different faiths enter a relationship, the main
key for a relationship to survive is to respect each other's
religion and perhaps tread a bit lightly as there might be some
topics that could hit raw nerves without you meaning to.

3. Stand up for you and your partner.

Sometimes, situations arise wherein some people feel
uncomfortable with interracial relationships. These are people
who cannot help but stare at you on the street. Obviously, these
people should know better, but nobody is perfect. When these
instances come up, stand up for yourself, your partner, and your
relationship. Do not be ashamed to love each other openly and

4. Talk about your expectations.

As the general rule in any relationship, communication is the
key. In this case, you should be open to your partner as to what
you expect from the relationship and from your partner. People
often differ with regards to their expectations and getting
things out would clear out any details that might cause conflict
between the two of you in the future.

5. Open your mind.

A different race means a whole new culture. A different culture
means new language, new music, new food, and as mentioned
previously, new religion. Perhaps the worst thing you can do is
to insult your partner's culture just because it is not the same
as what you are accustomed to. Still, nobody is forcing you to do
things you do not want to. However, if you find yourself wanting
to please him or her, try to be a bit open minded and try out
some things. Chances are your partner will not push you to do
things that are too extremely different. Go slowly and ease into

6. Strive to understand.

Different races are often faced with different issues and
problems that sometimes you might not be able to comprehend. That
is completely okay. However, it is not okay or advisable to
disregard your partner's problems. Having him or her open up and
talk about the things that are bothering him or her would help
you see his or her point of view. Who knows? You might be able to
pitch in and help solve the problem.

7. Let your instincts lead the way.

This might sound a bit simple, but there is much truth to this
as, more often than not, your gut instinct is correct. If you
sense something wrong about your relationship and you think that
it does not feel right, then it may be best to end it. And if
your instincts tell you that you should make the next step, then
chances are that you have found a genuine relationship.

Unfortunately, society does not yet accept interracial
relationships fully, and this is one of the major things that can
affect a relationship. Although interracial couples face a
multitude of obstacles, their love for one another will help them
survive condemnation by some members of society. By taking note
of the tips mentioned above, partners in an interracial
relationship should be able to create a stable core in their
togetherness that would take even the strongest of winds to knock
down. Being solid and prepared for certain scenarios will help
the couple deal with unpleasant and potentially harmful
situations when they happen.

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