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Are you smart enough?

posted 24 Feb 2013, 08:21 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 08:21 ]

Are you smart enough to make a million dollars?  It depends
on what you know and how you use it. You might have enough
knowledge packed away in your head to put what you know to
work and come up with a million in a short amount of time.
You just need to learn one or two more things to put it

into action and the money will come rolling in.  This is
the case with most people.    Most people just never think
about going after the big money with the knowledge they now
posses.  They use it to make a living and get by.  You get
into a routine and get comfortable with just making a
living.  Enough money to pay the bills and every now and
then do something fun and buy a new toy or two.  Most
people also focus on what they know most about and think
they can not turn that knowledge into a money making
business. They believe too many other people know how to do
that and there would be too much competition.  They seem to
forget they have other knowledge that they have used
throughout their lives such as hobbies and sports.  Running
the average household takes many skills and a lot of
expertise also.  It is more than a full time job in many
cases and you usually have to learn or invent many
shortcuts and business skills to do that.    But why take
any risks with the money coming in to gamble on starting a
business?  After all, other people know the same things and
are not millionaires.  This is where they are very wrong.

The reason is most people are like cows.  Let me explain
that a little.  Cows travel in herds; they all eat the same
grass and usually are all in one area of the pasture.  They
do the same thing day after day.  They wake up, eat the
grass, drink the water, then go to sleep.  You seldom see a
cow far from the herd.  They do not know any better.  They
just do the same things day after day like the other cows
and they will survive, so they think.  If they only knew
what was in store for them they might try and make a break
for it and run for the hills.  People do the same things,
they wake up, go to work, take lunch, go back to work, go
home, eat dinner, go to bed, wake up, go to work, go to
lunch, and so on.  Everyone in their herd is doing this so
this is how to survive, so they think.  Only a small
percentage takes the risk to break away from the herd.

So now back to the subject, "Are you smart enough to make a
million dollars"?  Can you break away from the herd and go
to the greener pastures?  The answer is of course you can.
With a little effort, all you need to do is take action and
do it.  All you need is a little push, a little help and
you can do it very easily.  Today with the internet at your
disposal, you have all the tools you need.

There are many people who would love to help you too.  Even
I will help you if you like.  You just have to be willing
to put a little effort and time into it.

I can assure you this.  You know about something that many,
many people would love to know.  You may have something at
your disposal or make something that many, many people
would love to have.  It is your duty to make it available
to them.  How dare you be so selfish and keep it from all
of those people.  People want it and need it and it is so
easy for you to sell it to them, and there you are keeping
it from them.  How dare you.  I say again it is your duty
to make it available to them, so get busy.

Think about this: if the world population was estimated to
be 6,602,224,175 in July 2007.  Do you think you could come
up with an idea or product that let's say a million of
those people would buy for one dollar, or maybe 500,000
would pay two dollars for, or  maybe 100,000 would pay ten
dollars for?  Look at the world population and think about
that. If you did one of the above you just made a million
dollars.  Just that simple, just one little idea, one small
thought in a single minute, the million dollar idea.

I know you can do it.  Now what you need is a little bit of
specialize education and it is all here right in front of
you on the internet.  It is not like in the past where to
start a business you had to have a large bank roll, and
build a brick a mortar business to make money.  Now all you
need is an idea, a web site, and you're in business with
the whole world.     This is the specialized education you
will need that is very inexpensive and can be done in a
short amount of time.

- A domain
- A host
- A HTML editor
- A autoresponder
- A marketing strategy

Then there is one more important thing that is a must have
to make all this work, and that is the right mindset.  You
see, without the right mindset you will not be able to
achieve success.  I can show you how to get everything you
need to start a business, but without the right mindset you
will not focus and follow through with building a
successful, money making business.

Did you know that most self made millionaires started with
nothing and where living in poverty when they were young.
That is what may have given them the right mindset.  They
were hungry, and did not want to live in poverty all their
lives, and made up their minds to specialize in something
and do not quit until they reached their goals.  They also
never quit learning about the business they are in.  They
continue their education, even though many are high school
drop outs, or college dropouts.  They understood that
specialized education was the way to become successful.

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the
general knowledge that you get in the schools, but focusing
on a certain subject and becoming an expert on that one
thing is a much quicker way of building a business.   This
is why it is good to begin with a product or something you
all ready have some knowledge in.  It is also important for
it to be something that you enjoy researching, and doing.

Once you learn the skill of how to start a business then
learn how to market that skill, and do research you will
always have money coming in.  When you are working for
someone else, you have no guarantees anymore.

If you take away any self made millionaire's money, all of
it, every last nickel they will have it all back and
probably more in a short amount of time.  The reason is
they know how to do it now.  They have the skill and
knowledge to get it back.  You would have to take away the
skill, not the money to make them poor, and that would be
hard.  Donald Trump is a perfect example.  He went from
multi-millionaire, to millions in dept, and now look at
him.  He has the skills, the knowledge, and the mindset.
Review: You do have the smarts and the tools available to
make your first million?  The question is do you have the
right mindset and if you don't are you willing to research
and find out how to achieve the right mindset?  You can
achieve most anything with the right mindset.

What do you want your legacy to be?  The person who
accomplished everything they set out to do, or the person
that sometimes remembered to take out the trash.

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