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Attention all Christians

posted 24 Feb 2013, 05:25 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 05:26 ]
Every Believer who has ever Accepted Christ has One thing
in common, the Christ they have Accepted. How does this
Standard affect the lives of those so-called believers? If
you are ready for the Truth, prepare for a Gospel like
nothing you have ever heard before. If Immortality were a
Free Gift, how might that reform the Church??? For Starters

it would make the Church an Immortal Society and that
should set the stage for Enlightened Civilization. There
doesn't seem to be a lot of that going on in the
mainstream, could it be that the Church has never heard the

That is THE ONLY ANSWER that explains everything perfectly.
The Church has Never Heard the Gospel, how sad is that???
In the light of Immortal Society and Enlightened
Civilization it is quite pathetic indeed. Mortal church has
yet to proclaim the Gospel in the light of Truth and they
never will, of that you can be certain. Identity in Christ
being the only relevant Identity for one who claims to
identify with Christ. So it is this Identity you will
encounter when you know the Truth. Therefore, prepare
yourself Now, to not only apprehend the Truth, but to be
Amazed at the Magnitude of your Self when it is revealed.
Until then, let us explore what you will discover at that
Holy Instant. Most importantly you will experience the
Gospel as it was meant to be preached 2,000 years ago only
with a modern spin that makes it incredibly simple.

The Apostle Paul in his attempts to describe what it means
to be "In Christ," did a wonderful job. However his
terminology was limited by the technology of his day (Which
was cutting edge then but obsolete now). So it is, that our
present state of technical development has given us the
ability to formulate that which he called a Mystery, into a
mathematic equation and there upon build a radically New
Ideological Structure. This radical New Ideology called the
Gospel of Christ Jesus; is exactly what Christians are
missing out on and their Identity in Christ is what they
have lost in the process. Ignorance is the enemy of the
Church NOT its common denominator.

Those who claim to be in Christ and yet have no idea what
that means will be somewhat surprised to learn the Truth,
but it is only the Truth that can free you from mortality.
Of course the Truth is you are Free already and you just
don't know about it. So maybe it's time that you have some
place to go where the Truth is True and can be discussed
freely. If we have to explain you would not understand to
start with but once you obtain understanding, no further
explanation should be necessary. Then at that point you
could explain it yourself if you had to or we could discuss
it amongst ourselves if we were so inclined. So meet me at
the Truth, and we'll talk.

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