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Avoid The Dream Stompers

posted 24 Feb 2013, 12:09 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 12:10 ]
"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.
Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel
that you, too, can become great." Mark Twain.

One of the new terms created in cyberspace is `dream stompers.'
The net is full of stories where one person tried to stop
another from succeeding.

The most common story is told by the person who runs a home
based business. This work at home professional works for several
months, usually until a point when they start seeing a measure
of success. Possibility turns to probability. Then, their family
starts pushing them to `get a real' job.

The pressure to get a real job is not based on money. In fact,
I personally know a situation where a woman made $40 000 work at
home. Her husband pushed until she quit, and took a $9 an hour
job as a secretary.

The dream stompers rarely act rationally. In many cases, they
cannot explain why they want to stop others from reaching
success. Everyone who has ever ventured into the writing or
entrepreneurial world has run into at least one dream stomper.

It is vital to protect your ambitions and dreams from the dream
stompers in your life. This includes those who believe they are
offering a kind of help that the life coaches call "malicious
concern." The odds are, they are not well-intentioned, they are

Dream Stompers in the Business World

The first step is to identify and avoid the dream stompers.
You'd be surprised where they appear. They do not always appear
in your life. They also appear in the entrepreneurial worlds.
You will see them when searching for a work at home opportunity.

You've probably already found a few of these sites. "You can
succeed – but only if you buy our product." "You can make a
million. If you buy the secret from us." "Most people fail. We
will teach you how to succeed." Even though these may seem like
positive statements, they are not. They are dream stompers.
Their real message is `you are not able to succeed unless you
pay us to help you.'

Success starts by eliminating the dream stompers from your

1. Don't seek advice from these people. This sounds like a
no-brainer, but many people return again and again to someone
who crushes their dreams by sharing their vivid, anxious,
poisonous fears.

These people usually set themselves up as successes, and maybe
they are, but their message is `if you leave me, you will fail.'
They have a product to sell, and give nothing away for free.
They do not offer a product to help you succeed, they sell a
`secret package that guarantees success.

2. Ignore unsolicited input from these people. If they contact
you, don't respond with more than, "Thank you for sharing that."
Don't engage in an argument or a debate about it. They are
usually very clever when it comes to causing confusion and
making people who don't believe in their theory as stupid or

3. Do not pay these people. Their negative message will be
repeated over and over through their training and product
information. They promise that if you join their network of
success stories then you will ride the `high wave to success.'
However, if a person's ad copy, product write ups, and any free
content has a negative message then their entire program will
strengthen the negative message.

These type of gurus feed on fear. Their income is generated by
increasing the fear at well-paced intervals so people continue
paying them money.

4. Negative People Give Nothing Away. No matter what they
promise, negative people will never part with the real secret.
Always promises and teasers, always leading their followers to
the next level, but continually holding the brass ring out of

These four rules can save heartache for work at home business
owners. Also, turn these rules around to find a mentor that can
be trusted.

1. They offer information freely, suggest several paths to
success, and every article is positive and helps ordinary people

2. They do not debate or argue. They give information freely.
There is no pressure to follow their path. You are welcome to
join them – or not.

3. They give information away free, and offer free information
through blogs, forums, and even give articles away to other
publishers and programs.

4. There are no teasers. Their free products do not end with
`if you want to learn more then pay us.'

About The Author: Mark Walters is a third generation
entrepreneur and author. He offers free training and investing
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