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Compulsive Lying – A Disorder Rather Than A Habit

posted 24 Feb 2013, 08:43 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 08:45 ]

Human beings are used to several bad habits. Most of these
habits start in an early age perhaps in the childhood days. One
such habit is the tendency to lie. Most of the cases are
attached to child hood incidents. But there are different cases
also. The habit may not sound so serious, but the after effects
of this habit which can be better called as a disease is not
small to neglect as such.

It is quite common that people lie at times to escape from some
punishments. This is natural and will not have long lasting
results as the effects are limited. But there are cases when
people lie in a recursive fashion or they might lie always. This
condition is often referred to as compulsive lying.

Compulsive lying starts when people lie for each and
everything. They get a feeling that lie can always protect them.
Then even in places where truth will help them, they will start
lying. Thus they won't say truth in any case. Thus compulsive
liars are born.

Compulsive lying is developed as a disease. The most
interesting thing is that compulsive liar himself won't
understand why he is telling lies at times. This will make
people lose the trust in him. He will be looked upon with
suspicious eyes.

The compulsive liar will find it difficult to get a return back
to the case of telling lies. If in the initial stage, he was
lying to escape from the punishment, after that he will do it
thinking this is the right way. He fails to understand what is
right and what is wrong.

Compulsive liars will be hated by all people. None will love to
make companies with such people. They will be isolated from the
main stream and they won't get true friends. Their friends will
start lying with them because they don't trust their words and

Compulsive lying can be treated with counselling or similar
treatments. But the result is that all this will have only short
range influence on the liar. To get lasting results, the best
method is hypnosis. The treatment is done with the help of
hypnosis CD. People will have serious changes when they listen
to this CD.

Hypnosis CD and mp3 will act on the minds of the compulsive
liar. They will bring about changes in his mind. When he give
his complete concentration and starts to follow the
instructions, the tendency slowly fades away. The mind will be
relaxed. He can easily analyse what is right and what is wrong.
He will understand the importance of truth in life.

All bad habits are the results of man's ignorance towards the
realities of life. When he realizes the importance of life, he
will take time to understand the need to get rid of those
habits. Thus he will start telling the truth and do only good.
With the help of hypnosis your lying ways will soon be history
and you will have the courage to face the world with
truthfulness and honesty every step of the way.

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