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Compulsive Spending – It Is A Disorder…

posted 24 Feb 2013, 05:22 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 05:23 ]

Human beings are highly governed by emotions at times .This is
because their emotions rule their intelligence and they blindly
follow these emotions. The loss of success in life of many
people is due to this over riding of emotions. They start
finding refuge in certain habits that they declare as their
hobbies. One such habit that comes as a result of depression is
compulsive spending.

Compulsive spending can be identified in people who spend a lot
without any major reason. These people always justify their
needs and start spending a lot on their shopping. They
themselves understand that there is no particular need of that

Compulsive spending comes as a habit in people when they are
having some personal egos. They start taking something that can
put them up in front of others. There are people who go for
compulsive spending when they are really worried or are under

When people realize that they have compulsive spending
disorder, they will quarrel with others. This arises out of a
guilty feeling. They shout at others when they start speaking
about the bad effects of compulsive spending. They feel so much
ashamed when they think that they don't have a credit card.

Compulsive spending disorder is mostly a refuge for people to
shelter when they feel guilty of their mistakes. People go for a
shopping when they feel that they have nothing to be proud of.
They will continue the shopping till their money runs out.

In today's world all that matters is wealth. No one is
satisfied with whatever he or she has. Not every person in the
world is born with a golden spoon other than some exceptional
cases where a person is born in a family that owns the lavish
life such as castles, islands, the most expensive of restaurants
and many more. But for common people like us it is just a dream
that we think that it might come true some day. These are said
to be just dreams of a person instead of his goals. Money
doesn't come walking to a person asking to be taken away. It has
to be created by working hard so don't waste it on compulsive
shopping because you will be jeopardising your close ones well
being too.

This disorder can be cured with the help of hypnosis. Hypnosis
can bring noticeable changes in the people. The hypnosis cd will
help people to understand the mistake in their character. They
will give a relaxed thought to their mind.

Hypnosis Cd and mp3 will act on the nervous impulses and give
them fresh thoughts. They will bring changes in the way people
think and act. This can help them to get rid of the tendency to
go for a shopping when they are in trouble.

Compulsive spending can be recognized as a disease rather than
a habit. This will help the people to understand the importance
of recovering from the compulsive spending disorder. The
techniques implemented by hypnosis are easy to follow and the
results are long lasting also.

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