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If You Can Make Love, You Already Know Enough About Human Emotion, Romance & Sex To Be Great At Sale

posted 24 Feb 2013, 07:49 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 07:50 ]

If you want to sell more or if you are looking for
innovative approaches to sales training, we believe you
already know enough. You see, selling is like romance and
you already know how to fall in love and how to succeed on
dates. This sales training approach uses what you already
know about human emotions, passion, love and sex and
applies what you already know to helping your customers get
what they want. Think about it. Most, sales training DVDs
and sales training seminars use sports terms and analogies
like team plays, moving down the field and touchdowns.
Other sales training and sales training e-books use

military and conflict terms like closing the sale or
overcoming objections. The problem with these outdated
modes of sales training is that people today buy the same
way they fall in love - with their heart. We all do it.  We
all do it the same way. You will sell more and enjoy it
more if you harness the power of human emotion and love to
make sales. Here are a few examples of the style and
philosophy that will increase your sales:

Getting To Know Your Customer - Most relationships begin
with a date that includes dinner. That's because most of us
need to talk before we proceed to love making. Over a
casual dinner, you ask questions, find out likes and
dislikes, get to know what makes them tick. This is the
first step. Take your time getting to know your customer in
a relaxed way that they appreciate. Just as on dates,
people love to talk about themselves, in sales by
listening, encouraging more talk and showing a sincere
interest in your customers and their needs, they begin to
warm up to you and to think you are not like the rest of
the people they have been with in the past. Take your time
and use extenders to encourage more communication. Watch
for body language and eye contact can help customers open
up and how asking "why" will reveal emotions other
questions just cannot reveal. They will feel you are "like
them" and "genuinely interested". You will feel good that
you are actually helping clients and not just doing a quick
dance to get your way. Both parties win and that is the
basis of passion and romance.

Revealing Your Product Or Service Wrapped In Emotions -
Most sales training talks about "presenting your product".
Wow! Imagine if you just unzipped and "presented your
product" on a date. I am thinking that approach is a bit
abrupt and it doesn't work well in sales either. This is
where people trained with traditional sales training  begin
to loose the customer. The reason is the same as the reason
on dates. If  a romantic encounter develops into one person
talking about themselves too much, the other party wants to
get away. The same is true in sales. Continue to ask
questions and show interest in the customer as you blend in
benefits about your company and product or service. This
blend of more interest, tie ins to your benefits and asking
if they agree is a winning conversation that keeps them
warming to you. By this stage, customers of sales people
using traditional sales training methods are checking their
watch and wishing their cell phone would rind so they can
end the torment of the conversation.

Asking For Commitment In Stages - One of the most delicate
parts of romantic situation is the ability to know just
when to ask for small commitments so that there are no
awkward moments when you have gone too far or no feeling on
the part of your love interest that you are not going fast
enough. In romantic situations, this is done through taking
very small steps and watching the reaction of your loved
one. It could involve (for women) tossing your hair as you
laugh, it could be (for a man) taking her hand. As in
romance, in sales situations there are many unspoken small
commitments you use in to gently move your customer to the
next level of attachment. Be sure to use all their senses
no matter what you sell and how to show proof for your
claims. After all, in romance as in sales, talk is cheap
and offering proof of what you say will allow your
customers to give you trust mere talking can never achieve.

Taking It To The Next Level - As you continue to warm your
customer to yourself and your product or service through
sincere interest, questions and good conversation, there
comes a time when we need to ask for a commitment. We need
to "move to the next level." Your customer wants to be
treated delicately at this stage but how if they trust you
and they feel you have their best interests at heart, they
actually want you to gently lead them to the next step.
They want to have what you are offering.  Is this soft
sell? Maybe. But it is very effective just as gentle lovers
are the most effective, so gentle sellers get what will
help both parties more often than pushers. Best of all, in
sales unlike most romantic situations, your customer will
recommend you to friends and relatives because they
appreciate the respect and care you have shown.

There you have a brief summary of our approach to sales. We
know that if you try it you will sell more and enjoy doing
it too.

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This sales training article explains how to sell using what
you already know about human emotion, romance, love and
sex. This approach works well with today's more
sophisticated buys and today's sales professionals like it
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