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Important Ways On How To Get Rid Of Car Scams

posted 24 Feb 2013, 09:21 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 09:23 ]

It may be surprising to a lot of people, but getting duped over
a car deal is very possible, and it happens every day. It may
not be grand enough for a movie or even a TV show, but it may be
the tiny practices by dealers that could add up to a big
problem. If you are thinking of getting that new vehicle, it
would be best to know these tricks and steer clear of them.

We Take Care of Our Customers

And take care of the customers they should. However, you should
know when they start crossing the line and think more of
themselves than the customer. Here are some things you should be
aware of:

Loan Assistance: If your dealer gives an offer to assist you if
you are unable to pay off your loan, think twice before
agreeing. You might end up with a bad credit rating and will
start owing the dealer rather than your bank for a higher price.

Easier Payments: There is a big difference in paying the car
for a lesser amount and paying less for a car loan. Some dealers
attempt to get to pay higher payments from you by saying they
are trying to make the car more affordable. If you add up all
the payments, then you will realize you have simply paid for a
higher-priced car.

Added Security: It is a practice for some dealers to suggest an
etching on the car's windshield to prevent theft. They want to
protect your property, and it's not a bad thing; however, don't
pay for a premium when a VIN etching kit can be purchased online
for only $30 or less.

Want Additional Fees with That?

It is a common scene to see a lot of added fees on the car of
your choice even if a price has already been agreed upon by both

Extended Warranty: There is no other person who can decide
whether or not a warranty will be added an extra year except
you. No dealer maneuvering should be making that decision.

Dealer Preps: Never pay more than what is listed on the car
site or the sticker price. Some dealers try to add dealer prep
costs when the price is already in plain sight.

The Big APR Switch: This may be the most disappointing and
frustrating scam a buyer may encounter. What is worse is that it
could happen after you have taken your dream car home and drove
it for a week. After that time, you suddenly get a phone call
from your dealer informing you that they are increasing your
interest rate and subsequently your monthly fees. According to
the dealer, this is because there was a problem that was
overlooked in your loan application, which is supposed to be
thoroughly reviewed. Make sure that you have studied all your
financing options even before you step into the car dealership.
Communicate with your bank or online financing sites to provide
you information in order to avoid getting bitten by this nasty

In the end, no one will be conned if they don't allow
themselves to be conned. Study all your options and be an
informed customer before you shake the hand of your car
salesman. There may be more than that smile on his face.

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