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Technology Togetherness

posted 24 Feb 2013, 12:27 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 12:29 ]

We all have special recollections from our childhoods of
special times spent with our families – making forts, cooking
together, playing board games. Some memories are quirky, some
silly, and some sentimental. Although those moments are long
past, the memories linger. And now that we're parents ourselves,
we want to create the same kinds of memories for our kids.

Unfortunately, the easy and carefree days we remember from our
own youth seem to have transformed into busy and chaotic ones
for our children. Not only do kids today seem to be involved in
more after-school activities like sports and music, even when
everybody does happen to be home at the same time, the lure of
the television, video games, iPods and computer command our
attention. Needless to say, attempting to create special
memories like the ones we had as kids seems futile.

But all hope is not lost! The world may indeed be faster-paced
than it used to be, but the age of technology actually provides
many fresh and exciting opportunities for memory-making moments.
Maybe one of the following ideas will appeal to you and your

1. Capture the Moment. Break out that digital camera and start
snapping. Be silly, make faces or be serious. Once you've
finished your photo session, upload the pictures to your
computer and create a photo album, slideshow, or other inventive
keepsake to look at time and time again.

2. Movie Making Moments. My kids love making movies with our
video recorder and I have to say they do a great job behind and
in front of the camera. Assign each person a role – writer,
director, actors – or make every aspect a group effort. If you
come up with something to really be proud of, why not post it on
You-Tube or God-Tube to showcase your movie making talents to
the world?

3. Let the games begin! So maybe monopoly just doesn't do it
for your kids but a competitive game of Guitar Hero gets their
adrenaline pumping. Show your kids you've still "got it" by
jamming to those rock songs you used to love. Be sure to sing
along, too – admit it…you still know every word to Joan Jett's,
"I Love Rock `n Roll."

No Guitar Hero? Any video game will do. To make it fair, go to
the video store and rent a game no one has played before. Who
will emerge the champion?

4. Have a Dance-Off. Pop in the latest CD and put on your
dancing shoes. Show your kids the old style and let them
demonstrate a move or two for you. Better yet, try your hand
(make that, feet) at Dance, Dance Revolution. An added bonus –
you'll be getting in shape while making those memories! See who
can go the longest without collapsing on the couch.

5. Family Movie Night. Remember how much you looked forward to
the Disney Sunday Night Movie? Now, with so many DVD options,
movie night can be any night of the week. Don't forget to load
up on popcorn, candy and soda of your choice. Hey – at least all
that sugar and caffeine will keep you awake! Consider setting
aside one movie night per month. Afterward, discuss your
thoughts over old-fashioned ice cream sundaes. (Not everything
has to include electronic devices.)

So the age of technology offers many opportunities for
memory-making moments. Just remember, when it comes to family
fun, one thing will never change. It's not so much what you do
that counts, but only that you're doing it together.

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