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The Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A Press Release

posted 24 Feb 2013, 08:41 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 08:41 ]

What do you need to do before you even put pen to paper and
start writing a press release?

Although writing a successful press release is pretty

straightforward, unless you do it correctly your hard work will
be rewarded with the STB technique. That is your press release
will be Screwed up into a tiny ball and it will be Thrown into
the nearest Bin by the person you sent it to. And whilst the STB
technique is seldom discussed I am afraid the vast majority of
press releases fall foul to its nasty end. However, yours will

So let us start with some things you need to think about and so
before writing your press release.

To begin with you need to think about why you are actually
writing the release in the first place. Is it to tell the world
about something amazing that has happened that you simply have
to share with them? Is it to update your customers (or potential
customers) with news of a new product or service you have? Or is
it to increase business? A wise man (I think it was big chinned
Football guru Jimmy Hill) once said "You cannot get to where you
are going until you know where you are". Wise words indeed and
words that should be listened to if you want your press release
to be acted upon.

The second thing you need to consider is who are you going to
send it to? Before you even consider putting pen to paper you
have to know who the release is going to be sent to as this will
have a vital impact on what you say and how you say it. I mean
do you really think Richard Attenborough would have sent the
same press release about Jurassic Park to the National History
Museum as he would have to a tabloid newspaper? No he most
certainly would not have. Instead the headline to one might have
been "Tyrannosaurus Rex makes triumphant return in the land of
the lost giants" whereas the other headline might have been "Do
you think he Dino Saw Us? Mad Professor opens new theme park".
Basically you need to make sure you know where your release will
be sent so it can be tailored to that audience.

Please also make your press release interesting and newsworthy
to the people you are sending it to. If you dont you know what
will happen (see STB above).

The final thing you have to do before writing your press
release is to know that the person you are sending it to does
not care about you and does not care about your business. All
they care about is does what you are writing about interest them
and more importantly will it be of interest and useful to their
readers, listeners, viewers or site visitors. And whilst this
may seem a harsh thing to say it is true. If you don't believe
me send out a press release not taking this into account and
watch the results. Oh yes, and listen hard enough and you might
hear the STB!

So there you go just a few things you should be doing before
writing your press release. And here are a few things you most
definitely should not do:

Do not ramble. Journalists dislike press releases that dont get
to the point. If you can get to the point and do not ramble on,
your release has a much better chance of being published. If
however you are about to sit down and write war and peace then
go walk the dog, make a cup of tea or do whatever it takes to
get you out of this mindset.

Do not lie. Remember this is not your CV! Keep the contents of
your release factual, correct and do not be tempted to tell
anything but the truth.

Do not make mistakes. If journalists hate one thing more than
rambling its errors, spelling mistakes and releases that are not
grammatically correct. With spell check there is no excuse

And one final thought, (very Jerry Springer) STBs will no
longer be an option for you and your business we will leave them
for your competitors.

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