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The Healing Power of Joy

posted 18 Feb 2013, 14:16 by Mpelembe   [ updated 18 Feb 2013, 14:17 ]

Joy is one of the most healing things you can possibly do
in your life.  If you think it is not constructive to take
time out to enjoy yourself, you are mistaken.  Joy is
constructive, creative, healing and, most importantly,
powerful.  Joy will bring in heavenly forces to aid you.

Lacy just finished moving out from her boyfriend's house

and thought now she was going to be able to concentrate on
the business she was building.  The move was horrendous
between loss, arguing and boxes, but she got through it

However, as soon as she moved out her car broke down.  The
mechanic said it was in need of extensive repairs.   When
she went to check on her savings to pay for this, she found
out money was missing in her account due to an investment
that had lost all its value!

The stress of all these events weakened her immune system,
creating a health problem.  When she tried to get the
medical care she needed her health insurance said she would
have to pay for it herself because her choice of treatment
was not covered.  This triggered a day wasted looking for
alternative health insurance solutions.

Her business started to suffer, because with all of this
chaos she was unable to find the time to relax enough to
perform.  She was making mistakes and was beginning to
wonder if she even had the talent to pursue it.  She felt
confused, exhausted and depleted.  She was at her limit.

At this moment a little voice went off in her head and
said, "You need a vacation."  Even though she could not
leave for Tahiti right at that moment, she decided to take
a vacation attitude towards life.

She thought about a project for her business that was
coming up which was making her crazy.   She decided to drop
it.  After dinner instead of working at her business, which
was her rule, she instead watched some mindless comedy show
on TV that made her laugh.  After that she took a long
bath, then went to bed.  That night she had a deep, restful
sleep, filled with dream after healing, delightful dream.

The next morning she felt renewed.  Even though she had
appointments for her business, she decided to lighten up
and play through each event, rather than make it so
serious.  As she traveled to her first appointment she felt
great.  This feeling motivated her to finally end the
procrastination and call that dynamic business contact on
her "to do" list.  The call resulted in an opportunity for
media exposure for her business!  Things were looking up!

When you believe in joy and show it with a healthy attitude
towards play, rest and rejuvenation, the universe rushes in
as your partner to mirror this attitude.  Can you imagine
what the universe is doing when you are starring in your
own personal disaster flick?

You got it.  The universe is mirroring that back to you
with more of the same.

So the next time you feel you do not have time to go to
take a long bath, read your favorite book, watch a
frivolous movie or go out for a walk at sunset to hear the
birds sing, think twice.  Joy is the most productive thing
you can do in your life.

Joy is your birthright.  It is essential to manifesting
more joy in your life.  Go now, sit back and relax.  See
the magic that comes from it.

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