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The Origin Of The Teddy Bear

posted 24 Feb 2013, 06:17 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 06:17 ]
Teddy Bears have been among the world's favourite child's toy
for over a hundred years, and, as the years pass, they don't
just get shoved to the back of the toy cupboard. Adults of all
ages and both genders are often happy to admit that their
favourite moth-eaten old teddy still holds of pride of place on
the bedroom mantlepiece.

Many will know of the Steiff as the original manufacturers of

Teddy Bears. There have certainly been plenty of imitators, but
the Steiff Bears are universally acknowledged as being the best
and certainly the most collectable, as certain antique bears are
changing hands for as much £80,000.

However, less well-known is the origin of the term, Teddy Bear.
How did he get his name? The answer goes back over 100 years to
the United States and the year 1902. The then President Theodore
`Teddy' Roosevelt was taken on a shooting trip in Mississippi
(somewhat reluctantly as he was one of the very first true
`environmentalists' and was not overly-keen on blood sports).
The day out had been quite enjoyable, but not successful, in
that the party hadn't actually seen any bears, let alone shot
any. In an attempt to make the President's day more successful,
his hosts found a half starved young bear that had become
separated from it's mother. They lassooed the hapless creature
and tied it to a tree, thus inviting their guest to shoot it and
take it home as a trophy.

However, being a sensitive soul, President Roosevelt declined
the offer, insisting the poor animal be set free into the wild.
The moment was captured by the Washington Post's political
cartoonist, Clifford Berryman, whose cartoon, subtitled `Drawing
The Line in Mississippi', was published in the next edition of
the paper.

In a matter of a few weeks, the tale had reached the ears of
Germany's animal toy company, Steiff. It didn not take them long
to celebrate the event with a bear that had fully jointed arms
and legs, aptly christened the `Teddy Bear'.

The name then stuck, and therefore has been a part of the
English language ever since.

Steiff have now been producing Teddy bears and any number of
animals for well over one hundred years – these toys finding
themselves nestling in the nurseries and bedrooms of children
and adults from around the world.

Over 100 years ago Margarete Steiff, the Company founder,
summed up her philosophy with the words, ''For our children only
the best is good enough'.' This principle is still valid today
and explains why Steiff is simply the best for collectors of
Teddies the whole world over.

At The UK Gift Company, we have an extensive range of Steiff
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