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Who Says You Can't?

posted 24 Feb 2013, 09:39 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 09:40 ]

A couple of years ago I was the emcee at an event and
introduced Rocky Bleier, the keynote speaker. Rocky is a
wonderful man, full of life and enthusiasm, and he gave a
very inspiring presentation. I really enjoyed it.

A statement in his presentation video caught my attention
more than anything else during that whole morning meeting.

You see, shortly after being drafted by the Pittsburg
Steelers in 1968, Rocky was also drafted by The United
States Army. A year later, while serving in Vietnam, he was
severely wounded in both his legs and feet by rifle fire
and a grenade.

The announcer on that presentation video, describing this
event, went on to say, "The doctors told Rocky that it was
doubtful that he would ever even walk properly again. Rocky
understood what the doctors said, but he refused to believe

Through a relentless two-year therapy program, Rocky Bleier
pushed himself and pushed himself, and by 1972 he was back
on the active roster list for the Steelers.

He then made the starting team in 1974, and went on to help
them win 4 Super Bowls.  He caught the touchdown pass from
Terry Bradshaw that gave Pittsburgh the lead in their
victory in Super Bowl XIII.

"Rocky understood what the doctors said, but he refused to
believe it!"

"Don't let any one tell you that you can't!"  Perhaps
you've heard that statement before, or, at least a
variation of it.  It encourages and inspires someone to
pursue after their dreams or goals.

But, the truth is that you really can't stop people from
telling you that you can't, or, that you won't succeed, or,
that you're not smart enough, etc.  People are going to say
what they will, right or wrong, stupid or not.

The real challenge is not accepting what people tell you.
And sadly, many people are not even aware of the impact of
what someone said to them.  They don't realize that their
subtle unknowing acceptance of what someone told them is
causing defeat in their lives.

Sometimes, things people hear as children stick with them a
lifetime.  "You'll never amount to anything!"  That is a
cruel thing to say. It is even worse to carry that sadness
throughout your whole life.  You can't stop people from
saying things, but you can decide whether to accept those
things or not.

The words of people we view as authoritative carry the most
weight. These words are much more easily accepted and can
end up in our belief system faster than the words of people
less respected by us.

But, even if we view someone as an "authority," even a
doctor, it is still just their opinion.  It may be a very
educated opinion based on all the facts at hand, but it is
still an opinion.

You alone must determine what you will or will not do, and
what you can or cannot do.  And, if the words of someone
else are keeping you from moving forward, then you need to
make a very conscious effort to dismiss those words and
move forward in your life.

When he was only eight years old, Glenn Cunningham's
physicians told him that he would never walk again after
suffering from severe leg burns from a gasoline explosion.
Cunningham not only walked again, but was one of the
premiere milers in the 1930s. He also went on to compete in
the 1932 Olympics!   From 1932 to 1934, Glenn won the Big
Six indoor titles and competed again in the 1936 Olympics.
Then in 1938, Cunningham became the world's fastest miler
as he set a new record at Dartmouth College.

So, who told you that you can't?  Someone may have said
that to you. That was their decision to say it.  But only
you can determine whether you will or whether you won't.
That is your decision.

Get rid of any defeating thoughts that you have!  Believe
and accept that you were designed by God to be a success.
You really do have unlimited potential!  Don't believe
anyone who says otherwise!

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