British couple win a million pounds on the lottery – for the second time

A lucky couple from England have hit the million pound jackpot for the second time. Two years after their first big lottery win David and Kathleen Long are celebrating after winning big again on the EuroMillions.

UK (ITN) – Most people would count themselves extremely lucky to win a million pounds on the lottery once. But a couple from England have just hit the million pound jackpot for a second time, at odds of 283 billion to one.

David and Kathleen Long from Scunthorpe first scooped a seven-figure win two years ago before netting a million in this year’s March 27 EuroMillions draw.

David said he was shocked to see his numbers come up but he said he wasn’t all that surprised.

“Yeah it was a shock. But I just believed. I felt inside that I would do it again,” said the former lorry driver.

The couple were not quite as lucky second time around though. Their 2015 win was 2.70 pounds less than their first jackpot.