Obama on the use of the word “Bro”

(NVO) – U.S. President Barack Obama offered some insight into the use of the word “bro” after the British Prime Minister told The Daily Mail, that Obama calls him, “bro”.

At a joint news conference with UK Prime Minister David cameron Obama explained, “As many of you know, David recently noted how comfortable the two of us are working together. This sent some commentators into a tizzy. Some explored the linguistic origins of the word ‘bro’. Others debated its definition. Several analyzed how this term has evolved over time. Some seemed confused and asked, ‘What does Obama mean?’, so let me put this speculation to rest, put simply David is a great friend , he is one of my closest and most trusted partners in the world.” He added, “Great Britain is our indispensable partner.”

Cameron, in turn, called Obama a great friend to Britain noting that the UK and US share the same values adding “and most of the time we speak the same language.”

For many years, the United States and Britain have shared a special relationship, but the comity between the nations’ leaders is so close that President Barack Obama often calls David Cameron “bro,” the British Prime Minister told The Daily Mail.

“The President has said the special relationship is stronger than it has ever been privately and in public and I agree,” Cameron said.

“Yes, he sometimes calls me ‘Bro,’” he acknowledged.

The revelation has elicited a rather in-depth discussion in Britain of the meaning of the term “bro” on radio and in print – and not all of it has been positive.